“3D Alpha Zone” is the FPP game which takes place on the colonized planet Ferrinox 9 – the main resources extraction and mining area in West Quarter. Red and dry surface of the planet was once covered by 3 major cities, multiple laboratories, mining facilities and processing stations. The working conditions for Ferrinox workers were harsh but life was comfortable. Now, all this is gone…

Due to the lack of long-range radars an Alien spaceships approached the planet undetected. Weak defense structures were destroyed in a few minutes by weapon technology far beyond the human’s level. Inhabitants who survived the first wave of Alien raids are evacuating to more secure outposts. Ferrinox 9 is doomed…

The Space Defense United Forces fleet has been put on alert and is already on its way to Ferrinox, but even with their hyperspace engines it will take a few days for them to arrive. The human databases containing information on all of mankind as well as coordinates of other inhabited systems cannot fall into the hands of the Aliens. They must be destroyed.

As a member of Ferrinox 9 Security Squad you must locate the databases in three major cities and blow up the reactor in Command Centre to ensure valuable information remains safe.

The game “3D Alpha Zone” is the first 3D game developed by Gameleons. The game is build in brand new game engine “Gem Xenotime 3D” which offers immersive, interactive 3d environment features such as real-time light effects, outdoor environments, lifts, pillars, stairs, moving floors, secret areas and an auto map feature. Most importantly: Gem Xenotime engine does not use JSR-184 3D API which enables the game to run on a majority of phones models (including Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, LG and Motorola). Even the older phones (like Nokia 3510i or Nokia s40midp1 models) can handle simplified version of “3D Alpha Zone”.

In comparison to other 3D mobile games “3D Alpha Zone” is a game in which a player may move in each direction – not only left/right/forward/backward but also up/down by the use of stairs, lifts and ramps

Six different enemies and 4 available weapons (pistol, shotgun, machinegun and laser gun), keycards, switches, ammo and medi packs make the game very similar to the early 3D games from PC computers (especially “Doom”, with whom “3D Alpha Zone” shares the same, frightful climate of an abandoned base attacked by aliens ).